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FAQ and Tips for Usage of AMKOV AMK7000S2019-01-04 14:10:03

Q: Some of the Resolutions cannot be selected except 720P 60fps and 1080P 30fps?

A: It is because of the Micro SD card is not strong enough to support recording high resolution videos. The camera can detect the Micro SD card automatically, if the speed of the card is too low to fit for the camera, those resolutions will not be selected. When you have this problem, please take out the Micro SD card, if you could select the resolutions without the card, the problem is not about camera. Besides, if the Micro SD card is not strong and stable enough, the camera will get stuck. If you have this problem, please try to use an Authentic Micro SD card (speed must be at least C10). Here offer a tool to test the speed of Micro SD card. Please click AmkovDisk to download.

Q: How to use the pause recording function of AMK7000S?

A: Press WiFi button during recording when recording with WiFi off.

Q: How to select the 4X digital Zoom?

A: Date stamp have to be switched off if the digital zoom need to be adjusted.

Q: Is the watch waterproof? And how long is the connection range?

A: No, it isn't. But you could put it in a transparent waterproof bag when using underwater. And the range is 4m.

Q: Where is the loop recording function?

A: It is "Seamless" in the menu.

Q: Can the AMKOV 7000S be used as a webcam on the computer?

A: Yes, it can be used as a webcam. Connect the camera to a computer and choose the second selection "PCCAM" on screen.

Q: Is the view angle of picture is 170