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FAQ and Tips for Usage of AMKOV AMK5000S2019-01-04 14:18:04

Q: How to make image reverse in a AMK5000S
A: Before recording, press wifi button for at least 3 seconds, you will see in the APP the image is reversed. Please note that if you press the wifi button during recording, the wifi will be turned off.

Q: Where can I download the latest firmware for AMK5000S?
A: The latest firmware is V2.13. You can download from our website: Services-Firmware.
Q: How to make AMK5000S work as a webcam?
With USB Cable:
Please follow the steps
Step 1, keep pressing "shutter" button
Step 2, connect the camera to computer with USB cable. When there is "on" shows on the LCD, stop pressing the “shutter” button.
Step 3, Find the camera device in your computer.
Notes: If you cannot find it, please open your Skype or something to see if there is webcam.
Wireless way:
Pleaseclick hereto watch the guide video which was provided by an consumer.

Q: How to update the FW for AMK5000S?
1. Decompressing the files ;
2. Format the TF(MicroSD) card ,and Copy the two files named "IDV.BRN" and "UpdateFW.txt" to the card;
3. Insert the card to DV;
4. Insert the full charged battery to DV ,and close the battery cover;
5. keep pressing "shutter button" and "power button" until all the indicator lights flash;
6. DV will start-up and all the status indicator lights flashes , and "00:00"(numbers) will be shown on the LCD screen; Please be noted that all the LED light will keep flashing when updating;
7. DV will power off automatically after upgrading finished;
8. Start-up DV , and connect it to APP,then you can check the new FW version in "Setting";
Notes: 1.During the updating, please make sure that the power is sufficient, if the DV suddenly power off during upgrading,it may cannot be switched on any more;
2.Format the TF card after updating, so that it won't upgrade again by incorrect operation;

Q: When I connect my cellphone with AMK5000S, why image is upside down?
A: It is the image reversal function of the camera. Please press the wifi button for at least 3 seconds, the image will be reversed.
Q: Does the AMK5000S have fpv?
A: Yes, It does. Please find the instructions in Services-Guidance.

Q: Where can I get accessories for AMK5000S & AMK5000?
A: AMK5000S & AMK5000 are compatible with accessories for Gorpo Hero 3&3+&4.