The Perfect Combination of Intelligence And Vision

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A video camera will be able to capture some timeless memories.
Your young child wants to start filming some videos? Perhaps create their own rendition of Frozen? How about film themselves dancing to their favorite soundtrack?
When it comes to choosing video camera for your child, it can depend on a few factors:
1.Keep it inexpensive and durable!
2.Convenient and easy used.
3.Look for a video camera that isn’t too big for your children (easy grip!)
4.A toy-type of video camera could be the perfect fit for a younger child.
Taking into consideration the price, type and additional features you are looking for, then the AMKOV kids video camera may be the best one for your child.

Kids Digital Video Camera *1
USB Cable *1
Lanyard *2 (for hand and neck)
User Manual *1
AA batteries, TV Cable and Micro MINI SD Card (supports up to 32G) are not included in the package.
Perfect for kids five to nine years old and DO NOT offer for kids under 3 years.