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Updated Firmware for AMKOV Sports Camera AMK5000S V2.13 (Camera Stuck)

Updated Firmware for AMKOV Sport Camera AMK5000S V2.13

-For bug repairing: AMK5000S is stuck when pressing wifi button. If your camera works well, it is not necessary to update.

Click Here to download firmware directly


User Guideline:

1. Format the TF(MicroSD) card ,and Copy the two files named "IDV3.BRN" and "UpdateFW.txt" to the card;
2. Insert the card to AMK5000S;
3. Insert the full charged battery to AMK5000S,and close the battery cover;
4. keep pressing “shutter button” and “power button” until all the indicator lights flash;
5. AMK5000S will start-up and all the status indicator lights flashes , and "00:00" will be shown on the LCD screen;Please be noted that all the LED light will keep flashing when updating;
6. AMK5000S will power off automatically after upgrading finished;
7. Start-up AMK5000S , and connect it to APP,then you can check the new FW version in "Setting" =>"about";

1.During the burning period. Make sure that the power is sufficient and do not press any buttons during updating. If any error happens during updating, AMK5000S won't work any more;
2.Format the TF card when the burning finish, so that it won't enter burning mode again by incorrect operation;