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AMKOV AMK8000S 4K Action Camera Wifi 1080P/60FPS Sliver

Model No. AMK8000S

4K Action Camera

AMKOV 4K action camera and sports camera have high speed shotting with high definition

AMKOV 4K ultra HD action camera with wifi

amkov 4K action camera

AMKOV 4K action camera with Wifi

1. Click to download the User Manual for your AMK8000S:

User Manual for AMK8000S -English

2.APP Installation 

A. Scan QR Code to download and install APP in the smart phone or tablet:

The Ez iCam App lets you control your camera remotely using a smartphone or tablet. 

Features include full camera control , live preview ,photo payback and sharing of select content and more.

B. Press the Power/Mode Button to power camera on.

C. Make sure the camera is in camera modes.

D. Press the WiFi button to turn on WiFi

E. In your smartphone or tablet’s WiFi setting, connect to the network called “ICAM-H3 ”followed by a series numbers .

F. Open the Ez iCam App on your smartphone or tablet

Press and hold the WiFi button for three seconds to turn off WiFi