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AMKOV AMK5000S 1080P@30FPS Sunplus 6330M Wifi Sports Action Camera Black

Model No. AMK5000S

Sports Camera AMK5000S


Sports Camera AMK5000S

1080P Sports Camera

Cheap Action Cam

Cheap action camera

Camera made in China

Sports Action Camera made in China

sports camera

Hardware Specification Firmware Specification
Image Sensor Type CMOS  File Format Movie MOV, H.264
COMS OV4689 Photo JPG
Backend chipset(DSP) CPU Sunplus  6330M Photo Resolution

5152x3864(20MP)/ 4896x3672(18MP)/ 4288x3216(14MP)/ 4000x3000(12MP)/


Manufacturer SUNPLUS Movie Resolution FHD(1920*1080 30fps), HD(1280*720 60fps), HD(1280*720 30fps)
Lens Type Fixed focus Exposure Auto
Aperture F2.4 Focus Fixed Focus
Effective Focal Length f=2.66mm Real Time Clock(RTC) Yes
View Angle 170° Micro SD Card Capacity 32GB(SDHC)
LCD monitor Size 11*13mm Webcam (PC cam) Yes
ISO Equivalent Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800 Additional features Recycle recording, video ignition into the state overwriting old files,
Image reversal
Storage media Internal memory 4M SPI,DDR3 1GB Mechanical Spec
External memory Micro SD Dimension 60*44*23MM
Interface USB Micro USB Weight 79.7g (With battery)
Power adapter N/A
Wifi(Option) supported,Android,IOS APP Software Application
Button/Switch Power button Software   MAGIX
Video Record button System Requirements
Wi-Fi button OS Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Microphone YES Hardware Intel/AMD Dual-Core CPU or above
Speaker N/A 1G system memory
Battery 2GB free System HD Space
Capacity LI-ION 1150mAh USB 2.0
Battery Life More than 2.5 hour,FHD(1920*1080 30fps)

1. Click to download the User Manual for your AMK5000S:

User Manual for AMK5000S-Chinese

User Manual for AMK5000S-English

User Manual for AMK5000S-French

User Manual for AMK5000S-German

User Manual for AMK5000S-Spanish

2. Click here to down firmware and APP. 

3. FAQS:

Q: Where can I get an extra battery for AMK5000S?
A:Search"AMKOV NB4U" on Gearbest or DX, you could buy one from there.

Q: How can I get a charger for AMK5000S battery?
A: There is no customized charger for AMK5000S battery. But you could find an universal battery charger (search it on Google, you will know what it is) for it.

Q: How to make image reverse in a AMK5000S
A: Before recording, press wifi button for at least 3 seconds, you will see in the APP the image is reversed. Please note that if you press the wifi button during recording, the wifi will be turned off. 

Q: How to charge for AMKOV cameras?
A: Connect to PC with Micro USB cable or use "5V/1A" power adapter.

Q: Is there software available that can get rid of the "fisheye" effect for the videos?
A: No, there isn' t. 

Q: Where can I download the latest firmware for AMK5000S?
A: The latest firmware is V2.13. You can download from our website: service-download.

Q: How to make AMK5000S work as a webcam?
With USB Cable:
Please follow the steps
Step 1, keep pressing "shutter" button 
Step 2, connect the camera to computer with USB cable. When there is "on" shows on the LCD, stop pressing the “shutter” button. 
Step 3, Find the camera device in your computer.
Notes: If you cannot find it, please open your Skype or something to see if there is webcam. 
Wireless way:
Please click here to watch the guide video which was provided by an consumer. 

Q: How to update the FW?
1. Decompressing the files ;
2. Format the TF(MicroSD) card ,and Copy the two files named "IDV.BRN" and "UpdateFW.txt" to the card;
3. Insert the card to DV;
4. Insert the full charged battery to DV ,and close the battery cover;
5. keep pressing "shutter button" and "power button" until all the indicator lights flash;
6. DV will start-up and all the status indicator lights flashes , and "00:00"(numbers) will be shown on the LCD screen; Please be noted that all the LED light will keep flashing when updating;
7. DV will power off automatically after upgrading finished;
8. Start-up DV , and connect it to APP,then you can check the new FW version in "Setting";
Note: 1.During the updating, please make sure that the power is sufficient, if the DV suddenly power off during upgrading,it may cannot be switched on any more;
          2.Format the TF card after updating, so that it won't upgrade again by incorrect operation;

Q: When I connect my cellphone with AMK5000S, why image is upside down?
A: It is the image reversal function of the camera. Please press the wifi button for at least 3 seconds, the image will be reversed.

Q: Does the AMK5000S have fpv?
A: Yes, It does. Click here to get instructions. 

Q: Where can I get accessories for AMK5000S & AMK5000?
A: AMK5000S & AMK5000 are compatible with accessories for Gorpo Hero 3&3+&4 except battery.