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Amkov AMK5000S/AMK7000S FPV Setup (Provided by Ans Pri)

AMKOV AMK5000S/AMK7000S has the Video Out option through the micro USB Port, you can live feed the Camera to the FPV Screen

Things Your Require
FPV Micro USB Cable, click here to buy this kind of cable (
FPV Transmitter

You can check the Different Transmitters and FPV monitor screens here

Step 1, Check the Reference Diagram (Do not use red/black wire to connect your Camera, you might burn, its not necessary, unless you want to charge your camera). 
Use only yellow and black wires

Step 2, Connect the Av out cable (Yellow Black) to the USB Port of the Amkov AMK5000S/AMK7000S

Step 3, Connect the other End to the Yellow black cable FPV Transmitter 

Turn on the camera and switch the camera to AV mode to see the Live View of the camera on the FPV.
Click for Video Reference